AI-powered fire and water damage restoration software made just for you

Manage everything from disaster damage restoration, technician scheduling to routing, and water and fire damage restoration service invoices management in a single portal.

Zuper is a user-friendly disaster restoration software for creating, scheduling, dispatching, and managing disaster restoration requests end to end. It’s proven to reduce fire and water damage restoration challenges and speed up your disaster restoration services delivery at any scale.

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Most Comprehensive Productivity Suite Built for Disaster Damage Restoration Software by Industry Experts

Digitize, Automate, and Zuperise your Damage Restoration Business with Zuper’s Disaster Restoration Software. Increase your revenue by 30%, customer adoption by 40%, and boost your employees’ productivity by 60%.

Take your fire and water damage restoration services to the next level

Streamline all fire and water damage restoration service operations starting from disaster restoration booking experience and fire damage restoration estimates to water damage restoration invoices.

Zuper is an ideal water damage mitigation software which allows restoration businesses to not merely take control of their restoration projects and operations, but also improve the restoration technician management process while taking measures to enhance customer satisfaction.

Damage restoration industry software that gets your booking under control

Most restoration management companies still book appointments the manual way and force their disaster-affected customers to deal with the challenges that come with over-the-phone appointment scheduling processes. Such outdated practices don’t just waste a lot of customer’s time, it also acts as a testament to the customer’s already thin patience.

Zuper is the best water damage restoration management software that offers customers a seamless booking experience by embedding a self-service booking engine into the restoration business’ website. Customers can book appointments right from their mobile device but also track the status of their fire and water damage restoration request in a click of a button.

The right restoration management system for technician routing

Experienced restoration professionals know that the better optimized your routes are, the happier your workforce and customers are. While most restoration technicians realize that time spent driving is time wasted, they can’t just reach a location on time with the help of a route map that’s pasted in a three-ring route map binder.

Your technicians need a good restoration job management software that doesn’t just show the customer location but also gives them the best possible route to arrive there by calculating an array of route optimization metrics like the weather to traffic conditions.

Go one step beyond free water damage estimates

Free water damage estimates may initially save some time and money as there is no upfront investment. But as your restoration jobs get bigger and more complex, manual estimating processes will bring in a lot of paperwork, manual intervention, and associated human errors which are costly, time-consuming, and arduous to resolve.

An ideal restoration project management software like Zuper can take the trivial out of your restoration estimates once and for all. What’s more, it also comes in handy for restoration equipment tracking with detailed price lists. Your restoration technicians can share accurate and timely disaster restoration estimates with their customers right from their mobile device.

A disaster restoration CRM for convenient restoration billing

Are you having trouble keeping track of the labor and equipment used for restoration work? Stay clear of restoration billing nightmares with automated restoration equipment tracking and streamlined invoicing functionality.

With disaster restoration software like Zuper by your side, you can create accurate water damage restoration invoices every single time. What’s more, Zuper connects seamlessly with major accounting systems like QuickBooks so that you can eliminate data redundancy and associated manual errors.

Disaster restoration management starts and stops here

  • Estimations

    Water damage restoration estimating software

    Initiate, view, manage, and review all your disaster restoration billing processes from quotations to customer invoices in a single platform.

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  • Routing

    Restoration project management software for routing

    No more unnecessary delays which result in customer dissatisfaction. Route your field technicians smartly with AI and ML.

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  • Customer-Management

    Water damage mitigate software for customer management

    Everything starts with a unified customer information. Cloud-based customer information storage eliminates the need for harried calls for retrieving customer data.

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  • office-Manager

    Disaster restoration office manager software

    Wipe out the troubles of your restoration service back office team with cloud-based storage, rule-based workflows, and timely notifications.

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  • Job-Management

    Flood restoration job management software

    The sanctity of the fire and water damage restoration work order records matters. Unified data and proactive work order management can make a substantial difference.

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  • Reports

    Water damage restoration management software reports

    Review and improve the quality of your organization’s disaster restoration service operations with visual-rich KPI reports about everything from customer satisfaction to employee productivity.

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  • Schedule

    Restoration industry software for scheduling

    Eliminate double bookings and other scheduling troubles with an ideal disaster restoration scheduling software where technicians can be dispatched through simple drag and drop.

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  • Timesheets

    Disaster restoration timesheet management software

    Simplify your timesheet management process with facial-recognition and geo-services. Keep a close eye on employee productivity levels without affecting their privacy.

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We save around 20 hours of administrative time every week after streamlining our scheduling and dispatching process with Zuper. Our field technicians are more productive than ever and the customer satisfaction level is at an all-time high.
Amy Rojas, Operations Manager, Creative Irrigation

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