Give a mobile-first experience for your customers

Personalize your customer experience and increase your revenue with a rich mobile application for booking, tracking, and collaboration. You don’t need to be a technology company to offer a rich experience to your customers. Transform into a smart business with technology.

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Zuper mobile application
Login or signup using Facebook or Google

Login with Facebook, Google or Signup

Enable your customers to easily login with single sign-on using Google or Facebook accounts. Personalize the experience-based on customer preference and history.

Omnichannel Booking Experience

A rich omnichannel booking experience for your customers. Consistent booking experience in your web and mobile applications.

Omnichannel booking experience
Rich CMS on mobile app

Rich Content Management System (CMS)

Manage the creation and modification of all the digital contents in your mobile application in real-time with a rich CMS. Edit images, contents, sliders, marketing campaigns all from the content management system.

Uberize your Customer Experience

Enable customers to search, discover, and book on-demand or recurrent services quickly and easily. In-app notifications, alerts and reviews within the application.

Uberize your customer experience using Zuper
Mobile app payments

Payments within the Mobile Application

Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cheque, or Cash payments within the mobile application. Configure your payment options and don’t have to follow-up with customers for payments. Increase your revenue and streamline your collections.